Licensing Department

The Licensing Department is comprised of three Attorneys, two Paralegals and one Legal Assisatnt. We are here to help you make the process of obtaining your License as fast and easy as possible.

Director of Licensing/ Deputy City Solicitor

Alesia H. Days, Esq.

COVID-19 Virus

Please be advised

If you wish to meet with a member of the licensing department staff please email your information to schedule an appointment with a member of our staff.

Please include your name, contact number and reason for your visit. A member of our staff will contact you with a date and time for you to visit our office.

Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance

Based on volume, some appointments might have to be scheduled at a later date.  We ask for everyone's continued patience and understanding

Please be aware:

  • Individuals must check in at designated entry points to confirm that they have their appointment
  • Individuals will also be required to have their temperature checked before entering - anyone, employee or visitor, with a temperature at or above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed entry and will be asked to leave
  • Individuals must wear face coverings when entering municipal buildings
    • Exceptions for those under the age of 2 years, or those who have a health condition that prevents wearing a mask, or where a mask interferes with their breathing
  • Upon entry to all municipal buildings, individuals must follow the pedestrian traffic flow markers
  • Individuals must stand and wait at the designated "Safe Standing Zone" marker at the city office they are scheduled to visit
    • City employee will call the individual forward for them to conduct their city related business.  This is necessary to limit the number of people within an office and to encourage social distancing
  • Elevator use, where appropriate, will be restricted to one (1) individual at a time, unless they are accompanied by a family or household member


As a Result of COVID-19, We are Requesting that ALL CORRESPONDENCE be mailed into our office located at 36 Court Street Room 305 Springfield, MA 01103.


Apply for a Temporary Expansion of Premises onto Outdoor Space for Outdoor Serving

Per Governor Baker's Phase II Guidelines, restaurants can now apply for a Temporary Outdoor Serving License that will allow service of food and alcoholic beverages on their approved outdoor space. Please read through the application, guidelines and instructions carefully to ensure that all rules and regulations are adhered to. This temporary license application will be reviewed and approved at the local level by the License Commission.  Should you have any questions, please contact us at (413)787-6140 or via email


Please be advised that applications for the temporary license should be submitted via email at If you do not have access to email, please contact our office to make an appointment to drop off the application.


Click here for the Temporary Extension of Licensed Premises Onto Outdoor Space Application.

Click here to Review the ABCC advisories regarding outdoor seating.

Click here to Review MA COVID-19 Mandatory checklist.

Click here to Review MA Mandatory safety standards.


The City of Springfield Departments are here to help you along the process. Please contact us with any questions.

New Annoucements

Please be Advised All Pool Table  and Bowling Alley Renewals are due no Later than May 1, 2020.


As a Result of COVID-19, We are Requesting that ALL CORRESPONDENCE be mailed into our office located at 36 Court Street Room 305 Springfield, MA 01103.

How To Obtain a Liquor License?


All Liquor License Forms and Applications are found ONLINE ONLY at the Alcoholic Berverage Control Commission (ABCC) website at

1. Complete Application form  and submit it to the Licensing Department with a $200.00 check Payable to the City of Springfield. All ABCC transaction fees must be paid online. Print your payment confirmation page and include it in your application packet when submitting it to the Licensing Department.

2. Meeting with Neighborhood Council

3. Planning Board Hearing

4.  License Commission Hearing

5.Application sent to ABCC by the Local Licensing Authority (LLA)

6.ABCC has Final Approval

7. LLA Recieves Approval from ABCC

8. License is Issued





How to Obtain a Taxi or Livery License?

Taxi & Livery Application Process

New applicants for a Taxi or Livery license need to meet the "Driver Requirements Checklist" before completing the Taxi License application. Once the application is completed and submitted, the CORI form that is apart of the application will be sent to the police department for the background check. The Tax Certification Affidavit will be sent to the City of Springfield Collectors Office. Once the background check and tax certification review is deemed to have been passed, the Licesning Department will contact the applicant to come to the Licensing Department to pick up an approval form that the individual must bring to the police department to get their finger prints scanned and photo ID Taxi License issued.

If the applicant fails the background check, a hearing notice will be mailed to the applicant to attend a Taxi and Livery hearing to discuss with the commission the reason(s) the applicant failed the background check and to discuss If there is an opportunity to be approved with conditons. If a applicant fails Tax Certification reveiw the application will be denied until the outstanding bills are satisfied.

Please note: Forms cannot be submitted by e-mail.

Process to Obtain Other License Types

1.Complete the Application Related to the License Required for Your Business Type

2. Submit your completed application to the Licensing Department with a Certified Bank Check or Money Order in the amount of the applicable fee. Attach the specified additional required documents and submit it with your application.

Please Click here to View the Full Guide of the Process to Obtain Different License Types.


Please be advised ALL Applications must go through the Tax Certification process before Approval or Denial .


Please Be advised the Licensing Department ONLY accepts Certified Bank Checks or Money Orders


For Further Information Please Contact us at (413) 787-6140.


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