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DeBerry Student Visits Mayor Sarno

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How did Miss Assilem Reyes, a William N. DeBerry Elementary School third grader, spend her school vacation? By visiting Mayor Sarno with her mom, Melissa Delgado, for her school project. Assilem chose to do her project on Mayor Sarno, and today conducted an interview with him. She asked some questions about his childhood, education and career, and received a city gift bag, too.

Assilem was very excited to meet the Mayor and be in the Mayor’s Office. She said it felt good to be there, and when asked what jumped out at her about the meeting, said, “All of the work that you have done!” Her mom stated how proud she is of her daughter.

Mayor Sarno said, “She is a wonderful young lady who has quite the career ahead of her, and by the way, ‘this was the best meeting of my day too!’”

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