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Mayor Sarno Announces Senior Transportation Options for the Raymond A. Jordan Senior Center

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Commissioner of Health & Human Services Helen Caulton-Harris, Elder Affairs Director Sandy Federico, Chief Administrative & Financial Officer TJ Plante and Walt Fludd of Springfield Partners for Community Action announced new transportation details for senior citizens looking to travel to and from the Raymond A. Jordan Senior Center in Blunt Park. 

The announcement was held this morning in the Raymond A. Jordan Senior Center with dozens of our seniors in attendance. The City of Springfield has designated $10,000 to fund the transportation until the new 26 passenger, 32-foot Aero Elite Medium Duty Cutaway Bus arrives and goes into service.

Mayor Sarno states, “Our seniors are very near and dear to my heart and I always enjoy my visits up to our Raymond A. Jordan Senior Center and love to see the very diverse and many senior citizens who utilize the center daily. My continued goal has always been to offer even more access to our seniors who are in need of transportation. I am very thankful that when I asked for a plan to be created that HHS Commission Helen Caulton-Harris, Chief Administrative & Financial Officer TJ Plante, Elder Affairs Director Sandy Federico and Executive Director Paul Bailey of Springfield Partners for Community Action stepped forward to make this happen. This is what happens when you work together in a positive and constructive manner.”

Springfield Partners for Community Action has partnered with the City of Springfield to provide transportation services utilizing a 12 passenger van. Seniors will have the opportunity to be picked up at the Vietnamese Civic Association at 433 Belmont Ave, Mason Wright at 74 Walnut Street, and a Pine Point neighborhood location to be named in the near future. The City is picking up costs for the rides, which would usually cost $4. There is no cost to our seniors at all. A voucher/ticket system will be implemented to account for ridership activity and a full schedule will be announced in the near future.

“Partners for Community Action has been in the forefront of creating community conversations and assuring services for seniors in the Greater Springfield Community. Springfield Partners is the lead agency for the Age Friendly Coalition and this partnership is another example of their willingness to provide support to our seniors. I am also grateful to Mayor Sarno who has been steadfast in his efforts to meet the transportation needs of the senior population,” said Health & Human Services Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris.

Director of Elder Affairs Sandy Federico added, “We are thrilled to be partnering with such a vital entity such as Springfield Partners for Community Action. Our Mayor has taken every opportunity to support the needs of the city’s senior residents.  He has listened, and heard.  His actions truly do paint a clear picture of support and commitment, and the Department of Elder Affairs is appreciative of all of the team members who went into action to make this happen.”

“Springfield Partners for Community Action is proud to partner with the City of Springfield to assist in providing transportation to area seniors that are interested in attending the Ray Jordan Senior Center. Springfield Partners has recognized that there is a need for seniors to remain active and productive through engagement with their peers and the community. We are excited to enter into this collaboration with the City of Springfield, the Ray Jordan Senior Center, and are area seniors,” said Walt Fludd, Director of Veteran & Transportation Services for Springfield Partners for Community Action.

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