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Mayor Sarno to Appoint Retired Springfield District Court Judge John Payne to Community Police Hearing Board

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno announced today that he will appoint retired Springfield District Court Judge John Payne to the Community Police Hearing Board (CPHB). Judge Payne will be replacing Attorney Ernesto Castillo who is stepping downing.

Judge Payne brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism after serving twenty years on the bench, including time at the Roderick L. Ireland Courthouse.  Judge Payne retired as presiding justice of Springfield District Court earlier this year. 

Attorney Ernesto Castillo states, “I want to thank the residents of the City of Springfield, Mayor Domenic Sarno, the Springfield Police Department, Police Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Attorney Talia Gee, City Solicitor Ed Pikula, and especially the other members of the Community Police Hearing Board for the honor of serving our growing and dynamic City.  It is my belief that there are times when civic boards and its members benefit from fresh faces and ideas and that time has come for me.  My sense of civic responsibility, however, is unwavering and I look forward to working with the Mayor and his administration to continue to better serve the City in a different capacity in the near future.”

Judge Payne stated, “I am pleased to join the Community Police Hearing Board and help with building the relationship between citizens and our Police Department.”

Judge Payne will serve as Chair of the Community Police Hearing Board.

Mayor Sarno stated, “I want to thank Attorney Ernesto Castillo for his service, dedication and commitment.  His years as a member and chair of our Citizens Community Police Hearing Board have been a great benefit to our residents and business community and I want to applaud his efforts and acknowledge his service.  As Attorney Castillo has stated, he wants to remain involved with our community and I am looking forward to continuing working with him in another capacity in the near future.”

“I am very appreciative of Judge Payne for agreeing to serve on this most important ‘checks and balances’ board,” Mayor Sarno continued.  “He is a very well respected member of our Springfield community, who comes with an outstanding career background.  I know he will serve our residents and business community honorably and with distinction in this capacity.  His institutional knowledge, professionalism, and sense of justice is second-to-none.”

Mayor Sarno continued by stating that the current CPHB is a proven and modern system, which is acknowledged by nationally recognized experts, that is helping to ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly and fairly.

Mayor Sarno added that, “I truly believe that our efforts to assure best practices, improve our policies and practices, and take advantage of new technology, such as our Crime Analysis Unit and Body Worn Cameras, is putting us on a path where improved trust, confidence, and effective policing will be the end product.”

The current members of the CPHB include: Retired Judge John Payne - Chair; Robert C. Jackson, owner of Jackson Security Company; former Labor Union representative and retired Human Resource manager Albert Tranghese; Retired Police Officers Pastor Gail Hill, Dr. Gary Berte and Joseph Griffin; former Warden Kim Weir, Funeral Director and Business Owner Paul A. Phaneuf, and Property Manager Linda Caron.

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