Springfield Meals Tax

As of October 1, 2009, the meals tax in the City of Springfield is 7 percent.

Springfield was one of 49 Massachusetts cities and towns to adopt the local-option meals tax in 2009. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts allowed municipalities to levy this 0.75 percent tax, in an addition to the state-levied 6.25 percent meals tax,  in order to help offset reductions is state aid to Massachusetts cities and towns.

In fiscal year 2010, state aid to the City of Springfield was reduced by $18 million. The revenue stream from the local-option meals tax is expected to generate $983,000 for Springfield in Fiscal Year 2010, and $1.3 million annually hereafter.

The Springfield Finance Control Board approved the local-option meals tax on June 29, 2009, with the increase taking effect on October 1, 2009.

Massachusetts Department of Revenue Bulletin to cities and towns outlining the approval process for implementing the 0.75% local-option Meals Excise Tax (PDF)

Massachusetts Department of Revenue list of municipalities chosing to implement the 0.75% Local-Option Meals Excise Tax (XLS)

For more information, please contact the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

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