Firearms Identification Card (FID) & License to Carry (LTC)

Applicants for a Firearms Identification Card (FID), a License to Carry Firearms (LTC), or a License to Possess a Machine Gun need to complete the application, must possess a valid Massachusetts Drivers License, and show proof of residency.  Applicants must be residents or business owners in the City of Springfield.  The application can be downloaded below.

New applicants need to present a certificate of completion of a live fire Massachusetts approved gun safety course at the time of application.  Check online at or to find a certified training program.

For all the applications requirements, please refer to the SPD General Order on License to Carry Firearms Application Requirements.

If you are a new applicant, please call 413 787 6310 for an appointment. 

Applications for renewal may be submitted by USPS mail:

   Springfield Police Department
   Attention Clerks Office
   130 Pearl Street
   Springfield, MA 01105

Applicants should allow time for the processing of fingerprints and photographs.  Applicants should be prepared to pay the $100.00 non-refundable application fee when the application is submitted.  Types of payment include personal checks, cash, or money orders.  Do not send cash as payment for renewal applications.  Cash is only acceptable as payment for new applications, during your in-person appointment.

The application is reviewed by the licensing authority of the Springfield Police Department.  The License will be delivered to the applicant by USPS mail.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerks Office at 413 787 6310.  The Fax number is 413 787 6519.

SPD General Order on License to Carry Firearms Application Requirements


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